Flooding Challenges Pakistan’s Government and the International Communitychallenges

• The flooding and associated devastation that have battered Pakistan since late July 2010 present
yet another series of challenges to its government, already contending with violence from
extremist groups. The international community would do well to assist the Pakistani government
in responding effectively to these challenges.
• Natural disasters are social as well as environmental events. The poor and marginalized
members of society suffer the most. Marginalization is one of the root causes of violence and
militancy in Pakistan.
• As the government of Pakistan responds to the suffering of its people and the damage to the
environment and infrastructure, it should seek to provide relief and recovery assistance in
ways that contribute to ameliorating marginalization.
• Disaster managers should ensure that urgent humanitarian demands do not miss the opportunity
to achieve relief and recovery in ways that contribute to good governance, sustainable
development and stable peace.