Child Friendly Schools Infrastructure Standards and Guidelines: Primary and Tronc Commun schools

Education is a fundamental human right and it is essential to ensure that all are able torealise their potential. A key aim of education is to give all citizens the necessary skills andvalues to improve their quality of life. To achieve this aim we shall continue to work together to improve access to education andto increase the quality of educational facilities in an equitable manner. The physicalenvironment in which learning takes place has a large impact on the outcomes of education. Thus this document œChild friendly schools infrastructure standards and guidelines2009? for Primary and Tronc Commun schools offers practical guidance on how to achievethe standards set in the œRwandan Education Quality Standards 2008?. This document will bea nationally recognized document that will serve as a standard to all private and publicPrimary and Tronc Commun schools in the Republic of Rwanda.