Shelter Centre services

shelter training

Training modules on Shelter, based on the guidelines Transitional
Settlement Displaced Populations are available to download as free
shareware through Shelter Training. The tutorials support independent
learning and are intended to give specialists a good grounding in how
the transitional settlement sector operates.

Trainers can pick and choose the content they want to communicate and
download the specific files – the site has been designed to be suitable
with low bandwidth internet access. Further details of these features
and the design of the slides are given in the presentation.

shelter library

Details the launch of Shelter Library. Shelter Library is a free
resource of material from a wide range of humanitarian organizations.
It is an online environment where humanitarian organisations allow
their work to be indexed and shared.

The library is designed to be functional with low bandwidth internet
access and allows previewing of documents before download. The
presentation looks at the way documents are referenced and at the
methods available for finding specific files.