Sectrarian Conflicts in Pakistan

This paper attempts to analytically examine the important dynamics of sectarian conflict in Pakistan by responding to following questions:-
1. What is Sectarian conflict and how it has permeated in Pakistani society?
2. What is the background of sectarian divide in Pakistan and how sectarian polarization between the Sunni and Shitte communities impacted on state and society?
3. How the phenomenon of religious extremism and intolerance led to the emergence of sectarian violence in Pakistan?
4. Why the state of Pakistan failed to curb sectarian conflict and how polarization at the societal level promoted the forces of religious extremism?
5. What is the role of external factors in augmenting sectarian divide in Pakistan and why foreign forces got a free hand to launch their proxy war in Pakistan on sectarian grounds?
6. What plausible strategies should be formulated to deal with the challenge of sectarian violence in Pakistan?