International Shifts in Shelter and Settlement Policy and their Implications for South Africa Praxis

This report examines the trends in international thinking on housing policy. The purpose behind the report is to assist the Department of Housing to compile a new Policy & Research Agenda by indicating the main trends in international thought and their implications for policy development in South Africa. The report covers the global shifts in thinking that occur at the level of the World Bank and the United Nations' agencies, as well as covering the alternative voices raised in response to these two institutions. The report then describes the specific trends in thinking that relate to: post-occupation support; housing construction; beneficiary contribution; financing; tenure arrangements; land assembly & development; institutional arrangements; integrated development; and planning & participation. Key findings are made in relation to each of the following four objectives of the SA Department of Housing: better urban efficiency & equity; poverty eradication; asset creation & wealth re-distribution; and affirming & deepening citizenship. The report concludes with recommendations on issues to pursue in the new policy and research agenda as well as identification of issues suggested for immediate action.