Shelter Meeting 09b

<p><img src="/sites/default/files/images/SM09b_banner.jpg" alt="Shelter Meeting 09b Banner" width="500" height="107" /></p><p>Below is the full agenda for Shelter Meeting 09b with links to pages summarising each presentation, usually also including for download a copy of the Power Point used.</p><p></p><p>This meeting was hosted by <a href="/organisation/unhcr">UNHCR</a>.</p><p></p><p>Day 1, Shelter Meeting 09b, Thursday 12th November 2009</p><table class="webcast-agenda" width="384" border="1" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr class="webcast-agenda"><td class="freetime">08:30</td> <td class="freeevent"><b>Arrival and coffee</b></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">09:00</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Welcome, agenda and housekeeping</b> - <i>Shelter Centre</i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">09:15</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Welcome - </b><i>Sajjad Malik, UNHCR</i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime"><p>09:30</p></td> <td class="talkevent"><a href="/meeting/material/Brick+Markets+West+Sumatra+after+30+September+2009+Earthquake"><b>Indonesian EMMA brick market survey</b></a><i> - Rick Bauer, Oxfam GB<br /></i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">10:00</td><td class="talkevent"><a href="/meeting/material/Transitional+Shelter+It+Not+a+Structure"><b>Transitional shelter: it is not a structure</b></a> - <i>Lee Malany, USAID/OFDA</i></td></tr><tr><td class="talktime">10:30</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>IASC Task Force Update: Meeting Humanitarian Challenges in Urban Areas - </b><i>Jose Riera, UNHCR on behalf of UN-HABITAT</i><br /></td></tr> <tr><td class="freetime">11:00</td> <td class="freeevent"><b>Coffee break</b><br /></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">11:30</td> <td class="talkevent"><p><b>IASC Cluster Updates</b><br />1. CCCM<br />2. Early Recovery<br />3. Housing, Land and Property sub-group</p></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">12:10</td><td class="talkevent"><a href="/meeting/material/IASC+Emergency+Shelter+Cluster"><b>IASC Emergency Shelter Cluster</b></a> - <i>Graham Saunders, IFRC and Sajjad Malik, UNHCR</i></td></tr><tr><td class="talktime">12:40</td><td class="talkevent"><b>Advertisement for breakout groups:<br /></b>1. <b>Introduction to the Urban Assistance Project</b> - <i>Kate Crawford and Martin Suvatne, NRC<br /></i>2. <a href="/meeting/material/Stabilised+Interlocking+Rammed+Earth+Blocks"><b>Stabilised interlocking rammed earth blocks: alternatives to cement stabilisation</b></a> - <i>Gordon Browne, Southampton Solent University and Good Earth Trust<br /></i>3. <b>Shelter Projects 2009</b> - <i>Sandra D'Urzo, IFCR, Esteban Leon, UN-HABITAT and Joseph Ashmore<br /></i>4. <a href="/meeting/material/Breakout+Group+4+Sphere+NFI+standards"><b>Sphere revision: NFIs</b></a> - <i>Shelter Centre</i><br /></td></tr> <tr><td class="freetime">13:00</td> <td class="freeevent"><b>Lunch break</b><br /></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">14:00</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>4 parallel breakout groups</b><br /></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">14:45</td><td class="talkevent"><b>Feedback from breakout groups to plenary</b><br />Agreed actions</td></tr><tr><td class="talktime">15:15</td> <td class="talkevent"><p><b>Updates</b><br />1. <a href="/meeting/material/Shelter+learning+and+advisory+service"><b>Shelter learning and advisory service</b></a> - <i>David Sanderson, CARE<br /></i>2. <a href="/meeting/material/Urban+geolocation+with+Google+maps+APIs+Evolution+2006+2009"><b>Urban geolocation with Google maps APIs - Evolution from 2006 to 2009</b></a> - <i>Yann Rebois, CartONG</i></p></td></tr> <tr><td class="freetime">15:30</td> <td class="freeevent"><b>Coffee break</b></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">16:00</td> <td class="talkevent"><a href="/meeting/material/Transitional+Shelter+Projects+meeting"><b>Transitional Shelter Project</b></a> - <i>Shelter Centre</i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talkevent"><p>16:30</p></td> <td class="talkevent"><p><b>Close: Shelter Meeting<br />Additional meeting: <a href="/meeting/material/Transitional+Shelter+Standards+and+Prototypes+meeting">Transitional Shelter Standards and Prototypes</a>, including:<br /></b>1. <b><a href="/meeting/material/Warm+Winterized+Steel+Frame+Shelter">TU Eindhoven update</a><br /></b>2. <b>Introductions and updates from manufacturers<br /></b>- Alpinter Relief Services<br />- Evenproducts Ltd.<br />- H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & Sons<br />- Kay Tent Industries<br />- MADDEL International<br />- Nunatak Systems<br />- Worldwide Shelter<b><br /></b></p><p></p></td></tr></tbody></table><p></p><p>Day 2, Shelter Meeting 09b, Friday 13th May 2009</p><table class="webcast-agenda" border="1" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr class="webcast-agenda"><td class="freetime">08:30</td> <td class="freeevent"><b>Arrival and coffee</b></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">09:00</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Welcome, agenda and housekeeping</b><i> - Shelter Centre</i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">09:15</td> <td class="talkevent"><a href="/meeting/material/Shelter+Learning+and+Advisory+Service+CARE"><b>Temporary to permanent; challenges of securing educational facilities</b></a> - <i>Seki Hirano</i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">09:45</td> <td class="talkevent style1"><a href="/meeting/material/2nd+Asia+Pacific+Housing+Forum"><b>2nd Asia Pacific Housing Forum</b></a> - <i>Mike Meaney, Habitat for Humanity International</i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">09:55</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Proposal for: Demand-led Research in Sustainable Regional Hubs</b> - <i>Shelter Centre</i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">10:20</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Updates<br /></b>1. <a href="/meeting/material/Dhajji+Construction+and+Confined+Masonry"><b>Dhajji construction and confined masonry</b></a> - <i>Tom Schacher, Swiss Solidarity<br /></i>2. <a href="/meeting/material/Asbestos+Handling+and+Building+Waste+Management"><b>Quick Emergency Guides: Asbestos Handling and Building Waste Management</b></a> - <i>David Stone, ProAct Network<br /></i>3. <b>Protection Cluster</b> - <i>Leonard Zulu</i><br /></td></tr><tr class="webcast-agenda"><td class="talkevent">10:50</td><td class="talkevent"><a href="/meeting/material/Safer+Homes+Stronger+Communities+Rebuilding+After+Disaster+handbook+update"><b>Revised draft of "Safer Homes, Stronger Communities: Rebuilding After Disaster", a handbook to be published by the World Bank</b></a> - <i>Shelter Centre on behalf of the World Bank</i></td></tr><tr><td class="freetime">11:00</td> <td class="freeevent"><b>Coffee break</b><br /></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">11:30</td> <td class="talkevent"><a href="/meeting/material/PeopleCentred+Reconstruction"><b>People-Centred Reconstruction book launch, tools development, and towards the WUF</b></a> - <i>Theo Schilderman, Practical Action</i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">12:00</td> <td class="talkevent"><a href="/meeting/material/Shelter+After+Disaster+guidelines+update"><b>Transitional Settlement and Reconstruction after Natural Disasters' guidelines</b></a> - <i>Shelter Centre</i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">12:30</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Updates<br /></b>1. <a href="/meeting/material/Global+and+Regional+Sector+Training+What+do+you+want"><b>Sector Training: what do you want?</b></a> - <i>RedR and Shelter Centre<br /></i>2. <a href="/meeting/material/Proposal+seconding+assistants"><b>Proposal for seconding assistants</b></a> - <i>Shelter Centre</i><br /><i></i></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">12:50</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>UK Shelter Forum</b> - <i>Joseph Ashmore, independent and Rick Bauer, Oxfam GB</i></td></tr> <tr class="talkevent"><td>12:55</td><td><b>Proposals and dates for SM10a</b> - <i>Shelter Centre<br /></i>Dates proposed for SM10a: 27-28 May 2010</td></tr><tr><td class="freetime">13:00</td> <td class="freeevent"><b>Lunch break</b><br /></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">14:00</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Urban response opening remarks</b> - <i>Sajjad Malik and Manoucher Lolachi, UNHCR</i><br /></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">14:15</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Urban case study presentation</b> - <i>NRC</i><br /></td></tr> <tr class="talkevent"><td>14:45</td><td><b>Breakout topics</b> - <i>UNHCR and Shelter Centre</i><br />1. <b>Identification and profiling, livelihoods and HLP</b> - <i>Jeff Dougherty, CHF International</i><br />2. <b>DRR, HLP and livelihoods</b> - <i>Theo Schilderman, Practical Action<br /></i>3. <b>Basic services, fundraising, DRR and design</b> - <i>Manoucher Lolachi, UNHCR</i><br />4. <b>Limits of humanitarian action and liability</b> - <i>Tom Corsellis, Shelter Centre</i></td></tr><tr><td class="freetime">15:30</td> <td class="freeevent"><b>Coffee break</b></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">16:00</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Breakout groups</b> - <i>UNHCR and Shelter Centre</i><b><i></i></b></td></tr> <tr><td class="talktime">16:30</td> <td class="talkevent"><b>Feedback breakout groups to plenary</b> <i></i><br />Agreed actions - <i>UNHCR and Shelter Centre</i></td></tr><tr><td class="freetime">17:00</td> <td class="freeevent"><b>Close</b></td></tr></tbody></table> <p></p><p>Some of the key outcomes from SM09b are listed below.</p> <p><b>Initiatives announced:</b></p> <p><b>- NRC Urban Assistance Project<br /></b>Kate Crawford and Martin Suvatne provided an introduction to the Urban Assistance Project of the NRC, which was also discussed in a breakout group.</p> <p><b></b></p> <p>- <b>Proposal: Demand-led Research in Sustainable Regional Hubs<br /></b>Shelter Centre presented a proposal for the setup of sustainable research hubs to capture regional shelter and reconstruction knowledge, better informing the humanitarian community.</p><p>- <b>Proposal: Secondment of assistance<br /></b>Shelter Centre presented a proposal for a system for seconding present and former interns as assistants at other organisations.</p><p></p><p><b>Projects under review:</b></p><p>- <b>IASC Urban Task Force<br /></b>Jose Riera of UNHCR provided an update on Meeting Humanitarian Challenges in Urban Areas, on behalf of UN-HABITAT.</p><p>- <b>UN-HABITAT Shelter Projects 2009<br /></b>Sandra D'Urzo of IFRC, Esteban Leon of UN-HABITAT and Joseph Ashmore led a discussion regarding the forthcoming Shelter Projects 2009 project and publication.</p><p>- <b>Sphere Revision: NFIs<br /></b>Shelter Centre led a discussion of the Non Food Items section of the Sphere Project handbook, in order to better inform forthcoming revisions.</p><p>- <b>World Bank reconstruction handbook<br /></b>Shelter Centre presented the revised draft of "Safer Homes, Stronger Communities: Rebuilding Afer Disaster", on behalf of The World Bank, and comments were recieved.</p><p>- <b>'Transitional Shelter and Reconstruction after Natural Disasters' handbook<br /></b>Shelter Centre presented current and planned revisions to the UN/OCHA handbook and invited comments. There was also discussion about consistency with the World Bank and Practical Action approaches to the same topic.</p><p><b></b></p><p>- <b>Shelter Centre Transitional Shelter Projects<br /></b>Shelter Centre led a meeting to discuss the future of the DFID funded Transitional Shelter Standards and Prototypes project, which included updates from manufacturers developing prototypes.</p><p>- <b>School Environments Assessment Tool (SEAT)<br /></b>Seki Hirano and Annika Grafweg presented a draft of the assessment tool, developed in Rwanda, in order to receive comments.</p><p><b>- Dhajji construction development project</b> <br />Tom Schacher of Swiss Solidarity presented a detailed update of the development of the earthquake resistan traditional construction method of Dhajji in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan.</p><p></p><p><b>Publications and resources launched:</b></p><p>- <b>Transitional Shelter Prototypes booklet<br /></b>Shelter Centre distributed the November 2009 draft of the Prototypes booklet for the Transitional Shelter projects, which included designs by six manufacturers.</p><p>- <b>Child Friendly Schools and Guidelines - Rwanda Ministry of Education<br /></b>Seki Hirano and Annika Grafweg presented the Standards and Guidelines for school infrastructure, developed for the Rwanda Ministry of Education, and invited comments.</p><p><b>- NICEE Confined Masonry for one and two storey buildings in low-tech environments: A guidebook for technicians and artisans<br /></b>Tom Schacher of Swiss Solidarity presented the technical guidance book developed by NICEE for comfined masonry, and made the booklet available for purchase.</p><p>- <b>Quick Emergency Guides: Asbestos Handling and Building Waste Management<br /></b>David Stone of the ProAct Network presented an introduction to two technical guidance documents for dealing with post-disaster waste materials.</p><p>- <b>Practical Action - Disaster Risk Management and Reconstruction in Latin America: A Technical Manual<br /></b>Theo Schilderman presented the new book by Barbara Montoro and Pedro Ferradas, published in November 2009.</p><p></p><p></p>