SPAN - Swiss Program for Business Recovery in Aceh and Nias

SPAN (2005-2009), supports the recovery of existing businesses and the start-up of new businesses in the tsunami and earthquake affected areas of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) and Nias. The SPAN project will create or retain at least 5, 000 jobs.
The project is jointly funded by Swiss Solidarity, the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs of Switzerland (SECO), the Chevron Global Fund and Swisscontact. The project volume totals CHF 11 million for the project period July 2005 to December 2009.

Project activities include: Setting up information centers (PINBIS) for MSME who want to restart existing or start-up new entitiesProviding equity matching grants for co-financing of investments or working capitalwith third party financingIncreasing the number and quality of business service providersSelecting and training potential business start-up candidatesIdentifying and developing contract and franchisefarming systemsProviding prefessional skill training to selected sectors within supported MSME
Highlights in 2008: 79existing SME and 330 existing micro businesses have received support162business start-ups have been realizedBeneficiary companies provided 3, 365 paid jobsGrants approved totaling CHF 1, 600, 000Credit line disbursed to financial institutions for start-up companies for the total of CHF 130, 000Third party financing of supported MSME amounts to CHF 4, 100, 000MSME own contributions for the business recovery or start-up totaling CHF 2, 900, 000