Post conflict reconstruction

A presentation on the UNHCR 3-years shelter programme in Afghanistan, intended to facilitate the gradual and voluntary return of displaced Afghans (refugees and IDP's) to their community in conditions of safety and dignity; to ensure that returnees enjoy access to rights and protection in common with all other Afghan citizens, and to ensure initial reintegration needs of returnees and IDP's are met in a timely manner.

Proposals arising

proposal A
reviewers: 8 participants: 4 collaborators: 3
Guidelines should be developed, reviewed and agreed for the transitional settlement of those affected by conflict, but who are not displaced or who have returned, involving the reconstruction of settlements and homes, consistent with, but not overlapping with, the guidelines transitional settlement: displaced populations. Guidelines should be developed with expert peers, including planners.

proposal B
reviewers: 5 participants: 7 collaborators: 4
A publicly-available on-line library on reconstruction issues, should be composed of case-study mission reports, contributed by the Shelter Meeting participants, also informing the guidelines mentioned in proposal A. Field information gathering resources should also be included as well as country specific lessons learned.

proposal C
reviewers: 7 participants: 5 collaborators: 3
Definition of post-conflict reconstruction procedures, including environmental procedures.