Land, ethnic, and gender change: Transnational migration and its effects on Guatemalan lives and landscapes

Migration to the United States of America from Guatemala effects many aspects of Guatemalan life. This report document, through extensive ethnographic fieldwork, how migrants and their remittances effect gender relations, ethnicity, land use, and land distribution. The evidence is drawn from research in four communities. San Pedro Pinula and Gualán represent communities of eastern Guatemala. After clarifying methods and describing the study sites, the report offer a brief history of migration from Guatemala. It then deliver four detailed case studies from the municipios (townships) of Gualán and San Pedro Pinula in Eastern Guatemala, San Cristóbal Totonicapán in the western highlands, and Ixcán in the northwestern lowlands. It also places the research results in the context of discussions addressing transnational migration, gender, ethnicity, and land in Latin America. First and foremost, though, the objective of this paper is to show how international migration gradually transforms Guatemalan lives and places.