Houses: How to Reduce Building Costs (English and Indian)

This small book on low cost housing is the product of his vast and varied experiences. The reader can find out for himself how practical and earthly his observations are. One key observation that Mr. Baker has made in this book and reiterated many times is that it is not for the engineer to decide what sort of house a man wants to build, but it is the man who has decide what sort of house he wants and then ask the engineer to building according to his wishes. The man who wants a house for himself must take his decision based on his real needs and the needs of his family and not be misled by ˜fashions' or what the other fellow round the corner of the street has built. He then selects from out of the various alternative techniques and alternative materials, which Mr. Baker, has discussed in this book. It is then only that the engineer has to take over the work. The techniques which Mr. Baker has discussed in this book with suitable explanatory sketches and diagrams, will I am sure, be found useful by the poorest of the poor as well as middle class people. I commend this to the public of Kerala.