Disaster Prevention Regulation: National Disaster Prevention B.E. 2538 (Series no. 5, B.E.2550)

This document presents key issues of Disaster Prevention Regulation of National Disaster Prevention B. E. 2538. It is the revised version of National Disaster Prevention B. E. 2526 in order to enhance capacity of the National Committee on Disaster Prevention (NCDP). The NCDP is led by the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister as the Chair, Minister of Interior as a Vice Chair and other Directors of relevant departments as committee members. The NCDP play primary roles are:
(1) NCDP is the central unit to issue disaster prevention policies, implementation plans as well as coordinating and monitoring of implementation activities of both government and private sectors
(2) NCDP will provides academic support in terms of training and developing related government officials on disaster prevention
(3) NCDP will be the information center on disaster prevention
(4) NCDP will provides technical support or work closely with relevant departments on disaster prevention
(5) Coordination and request for assistance to other countries on disaster prevention
(6) Monitoring and evaluation
(7) Province is authorized to be a center for coordination on disaster prevention of its regional by coordinating and supporting an implementation activities of NCDP