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Supporting humanitarian capacity building, this collection presents key documents relating to law, principles, standards and codes. This collection should be used in conjunction with national...
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The aim of this project is to ensure that land management is mainstreamed into the problematic of sustainable development by means of local and national capacity building.

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The purpose of this guidance note is to:

1. Advise PCNA practitioners on how to ensure knowledge of environment issues is available and used during the PCNA process.

2. Facilitate...

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Date: Feb 2014
Location: World

This guide is intended to aid decision-makers by:
- drawing attention to the links between refugees and the environment; and
- highlighting key issues to enable decision-makers to...

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This document is intended to serve as a Sourcebook - a compilation of selected environmental
practices and lessons learned from past refugee operations. It is not exhaustive. Based on a...

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This Handbook is aimed largely at managers and generalists - not livestock specialists - the intention being to explain, using practical experiences where possible, some of the most common impacts...