The Whispering Seed Bridge, Thailand

In May 2007, Article 25 were approached by The Whispering Seed, a US registered charity, to design a bridge as the previous one had been washed away by flooding. Following this, Article 25 enlisted the services of a Senior Bridge Engineer from Buro Happold and a team of experienced carpenters to design and build a bridge of a span of approximately 80 metres span. Site visits carried out allowed for consultation with the community and the local authorities for the best approach to the project. Detailed preparation and in depth research into bamboo and other potential construction materials, ensured the limitations and constraints, as well as the strengths and opportunities the site provided for the bridge, were fully explored. The bridge must be able to withstand a seasonal river level change of 2+ metres, be safe for children to use and be able to carry a scooter and sidecar. The design of the bridge must allow for easy maintenance as well as the ability to develop more permanence as funds become available. Without the bridge it is near impossible for The Whispering Seed to reach their farm.