The uses of plastic sheeting - impregnated sheeting

The speaker, introduced by Oxfam GB to the Shelter Meeting participants, presented the work of Johns Hopkins University within Sierra Leone to develop and evaluate new malaria control tools, in collaboration with WHO and UNHCR and the line ministeries of Sierra Leone.

proposal A reviewers: 3 participants: 3 collaborators: 3
An independent study should be rapidly made of impregnated plastic sheeting, concentrating upon safety, effectiveness, appropriateness, and cost.

proposal B reviewers: 6 participants: 4 collaborators: 0
Guidelines on the use of plastic sheeting should be updated and made freely available (ref Howard and Spice, Oxfam GB, 1979).

proposal C reviewers: 3 participants: 7 collaborators: 1
Preliminary review of existing NFIs guidelines, prior to final decision on guidelines on the use of plastic sheeting including or not other shelter NFIs, such as shadow netting, blankets, and stoves.

proposal D reviewers: 3 participants: 4 collaborators: 5
A working group should be formed to establish the appropriateness of use of treated shelter materials in different environments (potential positive/negative impacts on mortality and morbidity). Cross-sectoral investigations between medical, environmental and shelter areas. Creation of searchable database of case-studies