UN country coordination: contributing to development effectiveness

Synthesis of Resident Coordinator annual reports 2008. This annual synthesis documents the work of the UN development system in countries in support of national development strategies and priorities, such as: (i) supporting disaster risk reduction; (ii) integrating activities in post-conflict settings; (iii) responding to the food crisis; (iv) delivering aid more effectively to achieve the MDGs; (v) mainstreaming human rights; and (vi) promoting gender equality. It also summarizes the most significant steps that UN country teams (UNCTs) are taking to better coordinate their activities, the key challenges they face in doing so, and the lessons that we can all learn. This synthesis of the annual reports submitted to the Secretary-General by over 130 Resident Coordinators in 2008 provides an overview of the activities of the Resident Coordinator system and the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) in support of countries' efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Its overall objective is to show how the UN Development Group, Resident Coordinators and UN country teams are providing increasingly effective support to national efforts to reduce poverty and attain the Millennium Development Goals and other internationally-agreed objectives.