Protecting and promoting good nutrition in crisis situations: Resource Guide

Every year, foods, droughts, earthquakes, outbreaks of plant and animal pests anddiseases and other natural disasters adversely affect the lives of millions of people in thedeveloping world. In many countries, armed conficts, natural disasters and other formsof crisis have caused widespread destruction and have forced families to abandon theirhomes, farms and villages. Access to adequate food becomes diffcult, and this hardshipcontributes to high rates of malnutrition. The provision of food, water, shelter, protectionand medical care is essential if refugees and internally displaced persountil such time as they can return to their homes or establish new ones. The resource material in this book has been drawn from a range of publications, reportsand documents related to experiences of crises around the world. As sub-Saharan Africahas had a large share of crises during recent decades, many examples are taken fromthis region. Nevertheless, the general infin this book are of universal application.