PASSA Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness Manual

Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness (PASSA) isa participatory method of disaster risk reduction (DRR) relatedto shelter safety. It is a variation of Participatory Hygiene andSanitation Transformation (PHAST), which has been used bymany Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies in water andsanitation programmes since the late 1990s.
PASSA is a process, facilitated by volunteers, that guides communitygroups (called PASSA groups in this manual) through eightparticipatory activities which enable the participants to do thefollowing progressively:

Develop their awareness of shelter safety issues in theircommunity
Identify hazards and vulnerabilities that create risk related toshelter
Recognize and analyse causes of shelter vulnerability
Identify and prioritize potential strategies to improve sheltersafety
Make a plan to put those shelter safety strategies into place, based on local capacities
Monitor and evaluate progress.

This 134 page document describes, lists and explains the activities, the participatory methods, assesment processes and guidance for managers of this ad-hoc approach to safe shelter awareness.