Oxfam update on Aceh

Rick Bauer, the Public Health Engineering Advisor for Oxfam GB,
gave an update of the reconstruction effort in Banda Aceh, Indonesia,
after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The speaker focussed on
difficulties encountered by all implementing agencies in the limited
availability of building materials, their change in market value, and
assuring quality when under time pressures. Rick Bauer described the
operational environment in Aceh, where lack of sectoral and
cross-sectoral coordination was reported amongst humanitarian actors.

Jo da Silva, Associate Director of Arup, presented on behalf of Oxfam GB her consultancy report on reconstruction in Aceh, focussing on: a lack
of effective awareness of the seismic hazard; the existence of
inconsistent and incorrect guidance on construction; and quality being
dependent on skills and expertise of individuals, without sufficient
guidance and training being provided.