Labour and Human Resources Plan, Workplace Health and Safety Plan, Community Health and Safety Plan for the Kingamyambo Musonoi Tailings Project Katanga Province Democratic Republic Of Congo.

A labour and human resources plan, a workplace health and safety plan and a community health and safety plan for the Kongamyanmbo musonoi tailings project in the Katanga Province in DRC. This document addresses the following themes: (1) The policy and legal context (including international and DRC requirements). (2) The KMT Labour and Human Resources Plan (including general conditions of service, recruitment procedures, remuneration procedures, training and development policy, dispute resolution and compensation procedures and policy on rights of association and collective bargaining). (3) The KMT Health and Safety Framework, which is the policy and procedural foundation for workplace and community health and safety. (4) The KMT Workplace Health and Safety Plan. (5)The KMT Community Health and Safety Plan. The three themes of labour and human resources, workplace health and safety and community health and safety are treated in an integrated manner because there are strong policy, management and monitoring links.