IOM Pakistan One Room Shelter program

In July and August 2010, torrential rains triggered widespread flooding in Pakistan affecting over 18 million people, around one-tenth of the country’s population. 29 districts were severely affected in all the provinces and
states ranging from Gilgit Balochistan in the mountainous north to Sindh province in the south. Over 1,700 people lost their lives and more than 1.7 million houses were damaged or
destroyed. An es??mated one-fifth of Pakistan's total land area (62,000 square miles) was submerged by the flooding.

Flash floods and landslides caused severe damage to infrastructure and homes. Basic services including water, sanitation, healthcare, housing/shelter, and education were destroyed. Crops and livelihoods were washed away and
millions of people were displaced or stranded by the floodwater.
The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), requested humanitarian assistance to respond to the needs of the flood-affected. Shelter was identified as a priority and
the International Organization for Migration was requested
to coordinate the shelter response. The IOM and NDMA coled Shelter Cluster reached over 1 million households (estimated 7 million individuals) with emergency shelter by
the end of the emergency phase in March 2011.