Bamboo / Timber markets in Pakistan after the 2010 monsoon floods

This report summarizes the results of field-based market research conducted in mid-September in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). In Sindh, the research team looked at bamboo and timber poles (Sesbania Eegyptiaca). These materials are widely available in Sindh, and commonly used as framing and roof structures for lightweight shelters. The more extreme weather conditions and the ready availability of pine trees makes sawn timber the framing material of choice for many NGOs who are planning winterized shelter programmes in KPK. The potential impact of the NDMA plans to launch a nationwide shelter reconstruction programme is also examined in this report, as well as other possible reconstructions scenarios in the coming months. The report concludes with recommendations on actions for NGOS to consider to avoid adverse impacts on bamboo and timber supply for self built / beneficiary led construction in Pakistan.