Hands-on courses from CERAH People Management in Humanitarian Settings

For more information: • CAS People Management in Humanitarian Settings (2 April – 20 May 2016) • Thematic Seminar Team Management in Humanitarian Settings (18 – 22 April) • Thematic Seminar Manager, Leader and Coach (25 –29 April) CERAH’s Certificate of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (CAS) on People Management in Humanitarian Settings equips professionals engaged in the humanitarian sector with skills and strategies to effectively manage teams in challenging circumstances. The seven-week course (2 April – 20 May 2016) is designed for humanitarian professionals wanting to gain human resource management know-how relevant to their sector, and for HR professionals wanting skills that will allow them to operate in the context of humanitarian action. The programme involves three weeks of distance education, two of which will allow students to apply their skills—with expert mentoring—in the context of their work environment. The remaining four weeks take place at CERAH’s Geneva campus, with an intensive combination of lectures, group work, and discussions. The course benefits from lecturers who are experts in the various aspects of this highly specialized field, selected from Geneva’s prestigious academic and humanitarian institutions. CERAH’s unique position at the hub of the global humanitarian capital offers access to the cutting edge of contemporary humanitarian practices. Students benefit from participating in a vibrant and global network of humanitarian professionals. For those who aren’t able to join for the full seven weeks, two of the most popular one-week modules within the programme have been opened up as short courses. The Thematic Seminar Team Management in Humanitarian Settings (18 – 22 April) will guide humanitarian project managers on how to find concrete solutions that make the most of individual and collective skills and qualities within their team. Manager, Leader and Coach, another one-week Thematic Seminar (25 –29 April) will help team managers strengthen their core competencies, to integrate HR considerations into team management techniques, and apply managerial and coaching methods in their day-to-day operational environment. This programme is run in partnership with Médecins sans Frontières Switzerland.