NRC Shelter Handbook: Shelter support

NRC shelter programmes include non-physical and physical construction shelter support. Non-physical shelter support describes rental and host families support. Physical construction shelter support refers to the four options for building back better, which are retrofit, repair, rebuild and relocate, as well as to maintenance, tents and transitional shelter.

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NRC Shelter Handbook: Framework for intervention

This chapter covers the topics that frame the NRC staff actions during shelter interventions. During shelter interventions the NRC staff has to act in accordance with NRC shelter policy and principles recognised by IASC clusters. The assistance provided to IDPs and refugees should be in accordance with internationally recognised standards and codes for shelter and other types of humanitarian assistance. The international humanitarian response coordination is necessary to ensure a coherent response to emergencies, which is the reason why the three main coordination responses are described in this chapter. Shelter-interventions need to take in account the multi-level legal context, which includes the internationally recognised right to shelter or to adequate housing, national legislation and in some cases customary law. Through advocacy, which is based on the NRC’s staff knowledge of legal context and broader situation on the ground, NRC’s country offices are able to improve the protection of the displaced people. NRC has a strong partnership with UNHCR, when working with UNHCR NRC may be asked or required to use UNHCR procedures.

NRC Shelter Handbook: Planning and proposals

NRC intervenes when people are unable to exercise their right to shelter. This is usually in the context of displacement due to conflict, but NRC also responds to natural disaster displacement (normally defined by whether there is already an NRC presence in the country due to conflict-based displacement) and has projects in ‘non-crisis’ situations (e.g. voluntary returns).